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Our Activities in Uganda

Social health development in the sub-district of Ocokcan, Soroti district



Our intervention is located in the eastern region of Uganda, in the sub-county of Ocokcan, Soroti district.
Here, at a distance of approximately 20km from the town of Soroti, live about 15,000 people, surviving thanks to subsistence agriculture and small trade. 

This reality prevents most people from facing the costs of medical care, much less the schooling of their children who, without help, can hardly have a better future than their parents.

In 2000, a Community-based organization was founded, duly registered at the relevant offices of the Ministry of the Interior and the district of Soroti under the name of Obule Health Centre C.B.O.
This organization was and is responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of the Obule Health Center (Health Centre II). Other activities stemming from it include the Ojama Kindergarten, founded in 2007, and the St. Lawrence Vocational School, founded in 2021.
The aim of the “I Germogli” association is to consolidate what has already been achieved and to support the launch of new measures to combat poverty, promote health, education and training.

la comunità di base locale
la comunità di base locale

All the interventions have been coordinated since the year 2000 by the principal of the local elementary school, our local contact person. Highly motivated, despite being severely handicapped, this person ensures as a volunteer constant and effective coordination between the management committees of the services and the district offices of Health and Education so that they have on several occasions included our staff and the members of the committees themselves in government training programmes organised in Soroti.


The positive results of the intervention, confirmed by the interest of the local government in contributing to the coverage of the running costs of the health centre and the training of staff, and the strong motivation shown so far by the community have helped to strengthen the activities in progress in order to meet the growing demand for services.