The Ojama Nursery School


 TBetween the shores of Lake Kyoga and the swamp separating it from the provincial road there is a vast sub-county called Acokocan, reachable until recently only through a raised path on the swamp built by us in 2007 to facilitate access to the school and our health centre. All six villages with about 2,000 inhabitants are still behind in the process of social and economic development owing to the geographical isolation that only recently was limited with a new track that bypasses the swamp.



In 2007 we arrived in the village of Ojama through the path in the swamp and, in agreement with the local inhabitants, we set up in a small mud church the first nucleus of the kindergarten with about 50 children. The idea of a kindergarten was born from the need to give women some free time so that they can dedicate themselves to income-generating activities, and from the importance of accustoming families to consider school as a value, to limit the very high drop-out rate. For many families the main attraction was the warm meal we offered their children.



The living costs (staff, teaching materials, food) are progressively borne more and more by the families with registration fees, while the association continues to support investments.


The history


Starting the first school in a mud church



Construction of a masonry structure with two classrooms and toilets

Recruitment of three teachers



Election of the Management and Training Committee of the participants (similar to the Obule Health Centre)



Completion of a multifunctional structure.

In agreement with the local community we completed the construction of a building, originally intended for a small church, with the agreement that on weekdays it would be used as classrooms of the school and on public holidays for religious services.

Expansion of the school team by hiring a new teacher. Four staff members.



Training of a primary school teacher.

A new "P1" class is now offered, corresponding to the first grade of Primary school.



Expansion of the school team by hiring a new teacher. Now 5 staff members.

During our mission in Uganda, a section was built to be used for cooking and new toilets.

Recognition of the school by the Ugandan Ministry of Education.



The updates of the activities in the years to follow are reported in the NEWS section