St. Lawrence Vocational Training School

The St LAWRENCE VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is located in Obule, a few hundred metres from the Health Centre. It was founded in 2021 thanks to the desire of Mr Charles Ejou, an inhabitant of Obule, the manager of a grocery store, a taxi driver, already engaged in voluntary activities, an operational contact for many actions of the “I Germogli” association, firmly convinced that an opportunity should be provided for unemployed young people. 

For its realization Charles made a building of his property available to the school.

In November 2021, at the same time as the opening of the school, the “I Germogli” association convinced him to work in a network with the other projects supported by the Association, so he decided to support the idea, fully sharing its objectives. 

In agreement with the local community, a piece of land bordering the structure already made available by Mr Ejou was given to the school. This land had been purchased by the association in the past and donated to the local community. In the initial phase “I Germogli” supports the costs of basic equipment for the school: sewing machines, tools and materials for masonry and joinery, an old car for the driving school, computers, chairs, benches and cabinets. 

The aim of the school is to offer young people who are unemployed and without training, an opportunity for the future, through the learning of useful jobs for the local community: mechanic, seamstress, carpenter, hairdresser, mason and driver. 

The school is run by an Institute Council (Board of Governors), a director and a team of 7 teachers, a cook and a guardian.

The school offers truly operational training, favouring field work to theory. 

It can accommodate up to 120 students of which about 80 in a residential form. 


Teaching areas

-Information technology


- Construction and masonry


- Driving cars


- Tailoring and dressmaking


- Hairdressing


- Joinery



- Mechanics of motorcycles and bicycles