The fishing community of Aboket

During our 2018 mission we had the opportunity to meet a fishing community from Lake Kyoga, among the poorest in the area. Eight old pirogues, run down and insecure, and fifteen patched fishing nets, used in turn by 25 families to bring a few kilos of fish to land to sell on the spot. Michael, the local Protestant pastor, introduced us to that community so that we could share for a few days their daily life, their most urgent problems and needs. After a walk accompanied by many of them with mud up to our knees we reached the canoes for a ride in the fishing area. On the return the ice was broken, a long chat and the project was born: we immediately bought 4 new canoes and fifty fishing nets. The fishermen will refund 50% of the cost within 4 months to be able to buy other boats. The following year, fishermen were asked to buy 9 more canoes and 50 fishing nets to ensure that each family could use a boat with sufficient nets. As already agreed in 2018 for the previous supply, beneficiaries will reimburse 50% of the costs within 6 months, without interest. The delivery of the pirogues and nets successfully concludes the project.



A small but meaningful action, i.e. 800 euros, makes a difference when poverty is extreme. For us an important return: the joy of the fishermen and their families at the arrival of the boats and nets.