Timely interventions in Uganda

Many of our timely interventions are aimed at farming activities within the family, thereby allowing the family food support and a small income. We have, in particular, addressed women, "the pillars of Africa", widows and those who attend literacy courses.

Vegetable gardens

2019: After setting up a seedbed with about 5,000 specimens of the most common vegetables, women received a large assortment of seedlings to plant in their  home gardens.

The main aim of the intervention was to practically demonstrate the feasibility and the ways to have fresh vegetables for the family and eventually market the surplus.

The families who were able to prepare and use their gardens were about 70 out of 110.

Distribution of cassava cuttings

2019: Near the rainy season, communities in the area asked us for help to replace the cassava crops, destroyed by pests, with cuttings resistant to the majority of the most common parasites. Thus, 200 bags of 100 kilos of cuttings resistant to common parasites were offered to widows free of charge, thereby allowing the restoration of the destroyed crops.

Breeding of hens

2014. The lack of proteins in children’s nutrition, suggested by one of our donors, was to encourage the breeding of hens, also as an indirect source of income through the production of fresh eggs. Donation and cost of realization € 400.00

Solar lamps

2014: In the village of Abango there is a lot of sun but, alas, at nightfall only the moonlight remains. A Linosa family and a donor from Rome donated what was necessary to purchase 67 solar lamps for kindergarten children. Donation and purchase cost: € 750.00

The orange grove

And in 2016 a small orange grove was planted at the kindergarten of Abango. The children and their parents were involved directly in this project.